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Online Resources for Digital Ancient Near Eastern Studies

The following page includes a list of digital, free to use, online resources for studying the ancient Near East. It is divided into six main categories.

The resources can be related to one or more of the following fields, and they are marked as such by identifying symbols:

Symbol Field Symbol Field
𔐀 Anatolian Studies Archaeology
𒍣 Assyriology Classics (ancient Greece and Rome)
Egyptology 𐤀 Semitic Studies

The resources presented on this page are also available to download and further explore and search in a Google spreadsheet.

While this list is meant to be comprehensive, it is a constant work in progress. If you know of a resource that is missing here, or, you notice a mistake in our data, please let us know! We receive feedback through the following Google form. It should not take more than five minutes to fill out, and your help is vital to aid our community grow and better share our knowledge. If not stated otherwise, all the contributions were done by the OpenDANES team.